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Laver Chill Snack

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[EyN Agricultural Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea

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Seaweed Snack Made of Crunching Roasted Laver & Hot Chili Sauce  



No fried, nutritious roasted snack with low calorie.

Savory and spicy seaweed snack harmonized with chili, hot and spicy chicken sauce on crunching roasted buckwheat.

Good for ease of enjoying snack for its convenience of storage and carrying.

Nutritious and savory side dish for wind and liquor.





Savory and Delicious Laver Chili Snack



Name of Product : Laver Chili Snack
Type of Food : Seasoned Seaweed
Content :  20g , 12ea/box
Raw Material : 19.4% Seaweed (Korean), 48.4% Almond (U.S.A.),  Teriyaki Sauce
Storage : Keep in cool places avoiding moisture or direct sunlight.






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Laver Chill Snack

Laver Chill Snack